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Many of our Dental Clinics are free and/or government supported. Many are sliding scale dental care for low income. Please call the dental clinics or visit the websites of the dentists to cofirm that these clinics are free or low cost to the needy. We do our best to provide a helpful low cost and free dental services. Always confirm directly with the dental clinis to confirm that our information is up to date.

We also now display low cost, affordable clinics for the needy. Yes, our website name is FreeDental.org, but we now provide more. We are as specific as possible on the listing pages. It is the website users responsibility to contact the clinics listed to confirm whether the clinics is free, low cost, affordable, etc. Do not take it for granted that the clinic is free since it is listed on the website. We provide listings to help those with dental practices and services to help the needy.

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  • Feb 22, 2022

    I have been looking for over a year for dental help. I have Medicaid which covers everything up until major dental issues. They cover nothing on that. I am low income and haven't been able to work. I'm been running into dead ends everywhere I go. I went to a dentist that says I need root canals. He charges $3,000 per tooth, and that's with crown. I can't afford that. I have infection throughout my mouth and pain. Would your office be able to help me?

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