Greenberg Dental St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville

13820 Old St. Augustine Rd, Suite 105
Pediodontist., FL -
Telephone: 904-260-7700

* Greenberg Dental St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville is a Medicaid Dentist. Greenberg Dental St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville is not a free clinic. Read the services description below to see if you qualify for Medicaid services at this dental office.

Greenberg Dental St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville  dental office serves Medicaid patients in Duval County. There are occasions when the doctor or location is no longer providing Medicaid Services. This can be due to the number of patients the dentist is currently seeing or Medicaid payment reductions. Please call the Dental office to confirm that they are still seeing Medicaid patients prior to setting your appointment.

Many of our Dental Clinics are free and/or government supported. Many are sliding scale dental care for low income. Please call the dental clinics or visit the websites of the dentists to cofirm that these clinics are free or low cost to the needy. We do our best to provide a helpful low cost and free dental services. Always confirm directly with the dental clinis to confirm that our information is up to date.

We also now display low cost, affordable clinics for the needy. Yes, our website name is, but we now provide more. We are as specific as possible on the listing pages. It is the website users responsibility to contact the clinics listed to confirm whether the clinics is free, low cost, affordable, etc. Do not take it for granted that the clinic is free since it is listed on the website. We provide listings to help those with dental practices and services to help the needy.

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  • Aug 3, 2020

    Covid 19 affected their scheduling as they delay my son's appointment for two months... The problem is they think Covid just affect them and not the rest of us. I called their billing department and told them, I was going to hold my payments until my son's treatment was resumed... On the second called Julie told me they understood and that it was ok to pay on each visit... The problem is they are sending me invoices for delayed payments as if I was not paying with is a lie... Every visit I take my son to I paid $100 and out of $4,400, the outstanding amount is just $1,100... I am just letting you know that COVID has affected all us and if you delay my son's treatment, I don't think it is fair to push me around on payment and hitting my credit score in a time like this is a hit below the belt!!!

  • Apr 21, 2021

    I'm interested in appt. to discuss full mouth dentures an or upper denture an lower partial. Presently living in Ga..however want my dental needs done in Jacksonville, Florida. Eventually I plan on moving back to Jacksonville.

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